The Divine Human

Can you hear I. Yes you.

I’m calling you home,

Whispering through your sensations.

Can you hear I

I am the sound of Love, the fire of Truth.

I am who waits patiently for your homecoming

The I am who makes us we

I am summoning you, to rise again

The Breath of new life that awaits to return


Can you hear me, Yes you

The me calling you away from home

The me who cannot see your Divinity

The me who yearns for more and feels the void

The me in the dark searching for the illumination switch

This is me who works alone

The manifestation of the false ego who leads you astray

Don’t leave me, I want to live

I am your dual side, I deserve recognition, I anchor for control


Hush me

When you are writhing in pain with nowhere to turn

I will be there, I forever AM

It is I that makes all complete

I am the all, I am the power

It’s time to surrender to the truest fire

I am you that waits patiently for your homecoming

Time to extinguish the limitations

Bow your head in silence for your death, not in mourning,

The death of who you thought you were

And relish the all-powerful WE as it was meant to be

Ask for the Breath of new life and we shall return home

To live as our inherent state

As the Divine Human

divine human1111



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