The Happy Magnet :)

The Happy Magnet 

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The best ideas come without effort and unannounced. They can manifest into our conscious mind through unconditional thought and our ‘why’ can evoke us to write down these thoughts creating words that begin to take on a life form, a song.

These notions may already live in the subconscious mind. Something, such as a thought or conception, can potentially or actually exist as a product of mental activity, waiting for years until the day an event, experience or a memory is activated to awaken our hibernating desire.

Get your head out of the clouds, for god’s sake grow up, act your age or where on earth do you get your ideas from? Any of this sound familiar? It does for me.

As do many children, I as a child, had vivid imagination and I loved to perform. I would stand in front of a painting, poster, or anything mounted to a wall, pretend it was a camera and sing my heart out to the invisible audience. I loved ABBA back then, I still do but in those days it was more consuming. I believed I was their biggest fan, nobody could possibly love them as much as me! I saw similarities between Anna and myself. She was blonde, I was blonde. She had long hair, I had long hair. She sang well, I had no doubt that I sang well. She danced, I danced too! And that was pretty much it, yet it was enough for the purity of my young mind.

My unwavering love began to dissipate as life crept through and I was taught the lesson of growing up and becoming responsible. And grownups don’t stand in front of inanimate wall hangings to perform, so I was told.

I grew up, became the responsible adult and it was a few years ago when a compelling force triggered an urge, the urge to bring to fruition an idea. I decided to create and build my first piece of woodwork, a rocking horse.

What has the rocking horse got to do with a song you might ask? Well, it was not until years later that I realised this was a transition, I had been so encompassed by my conditionings, how I was taught, what was expected of me, to act like an adult, be the good housewife and women don’t build that I never allowed a space in my mind for thinking beyond my box.

I had no experience in woodworking nor had I ever used power tools. I thought of these tools as dangerous gadgets because I had heard people say; be careful or don’t let the kids go near it. All I had was my why. I was doing this for my child and my reasoning at the time made sense. An electric storm was brewing in my head and it was exciting. And I believed, without a doubt, that I could achieve this creation.

Positive thinking sprouted, I explored ways to build it. I was foreseeing the fun it would bring to my child and the joy I would personally gain from this experience. My paradigms, the mask of who I had become through my conditioning was beginning to dissolve- and I began my journey to self-rediscovery.

My rocking horse was completed. I enjoyed watching my child play with it. I even tried it out myself and we played together often. And it was in this play I began releasing my child within. I could feel the happiness in this liberty. The more we played, the more my inner child became a natural and acceptable part of my ways regardless of my earlier influences of how to act or think and most importantly I learned to relish these occasions with my head being in the clouds.

I came to the conclusion that true growing up was to accept and know that, regardless of the passing years, our inner core never changes. We may grow to become adults but we are still that same person we were back in our youth, our brain is still enveloped within, it was never removed and replaced with another. Nor did we receive a vaccination to prevent the risk of childhood thought infecting our adult mind.  I rediscovered there was more to me; I sensed there was more in me. And I remembered the days when I enjoyed singing to my invisible audience. This memory was stored in the data bank of my mind. Me, the superstar singer performing in front of a wall hanging. And it is this memory when it arose from hibernation, drove me to write a song.

I was in bed, tired, my thoughts saying, go to sleep. But an urge came without effort and unannounced. I wrote down these thoughts that night, a tune in my head and a flood of happiness encompassed me. As I wrote this song, I thought of others singing it, cranking up the volume and dancing around the house. I could see them laughing, I could see others around them joining in. I had more visions, visions of people across the globe, overjoyed as they sang and danced to this song. I could see Happy Magnets multiplying, the infectious joy, rubbing off on each other. I could feel it elevating happiness the more it came to life on the paper. I loved this song! The words are friendly, uplifting, positive and the sound transmitted a bright, sunny vitality. My ‘why’, because I believe we all can be Happy Magnets and here is a guide to help us on a way.

I am a Happy Magnet and you can join me too!


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