I am, you are a GIANT of possibilities.

Your success, dreams and happiness. One simple answer…. Make it your own

There is a giant within you, within all of us and the power you contain simply needs to be released.

If you could have anything what would you choose on your wish making spree?
Perhaps there is a goal that you have long had in mind. A road not yet taken, a treasure to find, a gift to develop, a journey to take, or maybe a change that you are hoping to make.
What will it be, it’s your choice.

When you were a child you believed in possibilities with no fear, no what ifs and no comparisons to cloud your judgement. We grow in age…so what! In essence you are still that person, we are always the same and as the years continue we truly are fortunate to have been gifted with a multitude of experiences, yet it is our conditioned beliefs that guide us as to how we view these experiences. Quiet your mind, view these beliefs and decide whether they make sense to you. Is this the conclusion you would have reached if you were the decision maker at that moment in time? It is your choice, it always has been, another gift, the power to choose.

Remember this? When I grow up I’m going to ……. Fill in this gap, take action even the smallest step towards your dream, say to yourself I CAN, move toward your positive growth and Release the Giant within you.

Termina Ashton

Author and illustrator of Festival of the Imagination, Medwin’s Room Trilogy, Mr T.B series, Feng Shui expert, Designer, Public Speaker, Lyricist, Mentor, Master of the Imagination and The Happy Magnet.



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