If you could have anything what would you choose on your wish making spree?

Perhaps there is a goal that you have long had in mind.

A road not yet taken, a treasure to find, a gift to develop, a journey to take, or maybe a change that you are hoping to make.


Stop for a moment, ignore the distractions that take us away from the opportunity of today. It is in this moment when we quiet our minds that we discover our choices and in these choices there is always a path for positive growth. Let your thoughts wander to something you are grateful for right now, it could even be the legs you have to walk with, the eyes that help you see your legs or the person who served you at the supermarket who smiled graciously. And when you feel that moment of gratitude choose what you really want to do then take even the smallest step towards that path, surprise yourself now and thank yourself tomorrow.

Life is quite beautiful, we laugh, we sing, we smile and most importantly we love.

The scatter of thorns thrown amongst our state of bliss remind us of how fortunate we are to have the wonderful aspects of our individual lives we have been graciously gifted.

Every person has the potential to be great and to change todays circumstance to a happier future. The one simple answer…. Choose and Make it your own.

What will it be, and always remember it’s your choice.

IMG_0848 (4)kind regards,

Termina Ashton


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