Non-Verbal Alchemy 

Non-Verbal Alchemy  ​Understand Hidden Communication ​When we are fortunate enough to discover truth of alchemical practices and obstruction of time, we can put this evidence into practice. Why? Because truth can and will only take us to a better life experience and help us attain long awaited desires. ​Alchemical practices have been used on…Read more Non-Verbal Alchemy 


Know Thyself

FREE Fourteen Part Series to help You Unveil You! Your True, Authentic Powerful Self and to Activate Your Unique Energy Signature  Within Every Person Exists the Opportunity to Unlock MAGIC Truth CAN and WILL only shatter the veils that cover your potential, and this begins to unlock your natural power IMAGINE... if you could identify within yourself exactly what…Read more Know Thyself

Freedom from Attachments

Freedom from Attachments For years I have imagined the freedom of being the wind and going in whichever direction comes to mind in the moment. The experience of a new front yard wherever I park. The opportunity to meet many people, see and do what life has to offer. And with a multitude of years…Read more Freedom from Attachments

Why are people unhappy?

Happiness and an optimist view is a choice. Choose to be happy with conviction and ‘happy’ will follow. We can choose to focus on the storm or the collection of things that can be taken for granted. When we choose gratitude for the collection of experiences in our life that are taken for granted we…Read more Why are people unhappy?

Unlock Your Unique Identity

There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.”— Martha Graham Everyone, at some point or another, feels like they don’t truly have their own unique identity. Regardless of how you feel about…Read more Unlock Your Unique Identity

Activate Your Unique Energy Signature!

Never before has a book been written that illuminates and activates unique energy signatures of ordinary men and women from around the world who have experienced a compromised life. Festival of the Imagination by Termina Ashton will not only move you to what you truly want, it contains essential teachings of our imagination, disguises, beacons,…Read more Activate Your Unique Energy Signature!